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Your Premium, U.S. Based Customer Service Solution

Our Services

In the digital age, it’s more important than ever to maximize your Customer Service skill set. Trust Turtle Peak to solve all your CS

Live Customer Service

Whether it’s over the phone or via live chat, our exceptional customer service will increase revenue and trust in your brand.

Customized Email Assistance

We have a dedicated team of brand experts whose sole job is to reply to your customer emails.

Skills-Based Routing

We strive to learn everything about your company, then train our agents to deliver on KPI that are most important to you.

CRM Mastery

Our training involves adapting CS representatives to your CRM, allowing us to easily help customers and eliminate problems before they become issues.

Managing Orders

Closely monitoring each step of the ordering process, we’ll make sure that all orders arrive on time.

Sales Geniuses

Simply put, we know how to make money. Let us grow your customer base into an army of brand ambassadors.

See How Our Call Center Professionals
Can Help You Grow Your Business.

    Let us be your “secret weapon.” Our U.S. based
    customer support team will help you quickly grow your
    business. From increased revenue to better retention
    rates, nobody does it better than us. Click the button
    below to see all of the ways that Turtle Peak gives your
    business an unfair advantage in the market place.

    "As experts in increasing your ROI, we can help your business to reduce refunds,
    mitigate risk and take advantage of every upsell opportunity possible. Don’t believe
    us? Let our work speak for itself."


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